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After confinement and social distancing, exercised as part of a SARS-CoV-2 contagion prevention measure, the friendly bond through social networks implies an exercise that mitigates the feeling of anxiety and depression, since the human being It is a social animal that requires affection and correspondence.

In the framework of International Friendship Day (July 30), Hugo Sánchez Castillo, an expert in neurosciences at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), explained that although friendships made via the internet do not replace personal ones, they help to cope with the current situation.

The academic from the Faculty of Psychology (FP) of UNAM also mentioned that reality will not be as we knew it before, so we must adapt to new forms of interaction.

“Humans have endured other pandemics and natural disasters, but what allows us to be a successful species is our ability to adapt,” said the researcher.

He also recalled that friendship takes importance around the age of three at eight, since during that stage the first relationships that allow an individual to identify with another person are consolidated, forging cooperative bonds and behaviors that determine our personality throughout lifelong.

“In a friendship, reinforcing and pleasant behaviors are tried, there is an identification with the other and an affinity in tastes,” he determined, recalling that for a long time we became sedentary, establishing groups of individuals that caused the development of ties.

“Friendship should be a physical relationship, to share moments and look each other in the eye, but digital media are the new ways of finding each other and work to reduce anxiety”, so the use of social networks reduces the feeling of isolation, assured by a statement from the Maximum House of Studies.

Social isolation, Sánchez Castillo said, intensifies cardiovascular problems as well as the immune system, which are manifested through anxiety and depression, since there are hormones that stimulate the human body.

One of them is oxytocin, related to attachment: “Oxytocin levels stay high when there is friendship, because you feel pleasure talking with a friend, being accompanied and relaxing from social pressure,” said the doctor in neuroscience.

Two neurotransmitters also participate in this process: dopamine, which produces a sensation of pleasure and reinforcing ties, increases; while serotonin, which increases aggressiveness, decreases.

On the other hand, he stated that friendly ties should not be dismissed in the face of erotic affective relationships, because “a friendship between human beings (because it also exists in other species) is a non-reproductive and non-aggressive affective relationship that allows for alliances, forms of confrontation when there are problems and comfort in difficult situations. “

“It is not possible to live without friends, because we are social animals such as dogs, cats, some birds, chimpanzees, bonobos and gorillas. The comfort of friends reduces anxiety levels,” Sánchez Castillo explained.

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